Natural Makeup Tutorial

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Natural Makeup Tutorial

Discover this natural makeup tutorial video and step-by-step guide from COVERGIRL® and Valeria Lipovetsky. Learn how to create an easy, breezy everyday natural makeup look using products from our Clean Fresh Collection !


Step 1: Apply your base.

Use your fingers to apply a thin layer of Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation to prep your skin.


Step 1: Conceal blemishes and imperfections.

Tap a few dots of Clean Fresh Hydrating Concealer in areas where you want to color correct, like around your eyes or nose.

Step 2: Blend.

Use a brush to blend the concealer in.


Step 1: Fluff eyebrows.

Fluff your eyebrows using Easy Breezy Brow Setting Gel in your preferred shade. Brush your brows first in the direction of growth and then against the direction of growth for full coverage.

Step 2: Define brows.

Take the Easy Breezy Brow Micro Fine Fill + Define Eyebrow Pencil and fill in any spots that need more definition. Use gentle strokes and avoid hard lines to create a more natural look.


Step 1: Apply to cheeks.

Give your cheeks a little natural, sun-kissed wash of color using Clean Fresh Cream Blush in your shade of choice.


Step 1: Apply color and moisturize.

Apply a layer of Clean Fresh Tinted Lip Oil to your lips and use your finger to press it in.


Step 1: Set your makeup.

Using a small brush, tap Clean Fresh Pressed Powder in the shade Translucent on areas that you want to set.


Step 1: Apply mascara.

Generously apply Exhibitionist Uncensored Volumizing Mascara in the shade Black Brown on your upper lashes, focusing on the outer lashes.


Step 1: Apply to cheekbones.

Finish your look with Clean Fresh Cooling Glow Highlighter Stick, tapping it directly onto the outer edge of your cheekbones and up towards the top of your face. Use your finger to lightly blend it in.

Step 2: Apply to eyes and lip.

Use your finger to tap a small amount of Clean Fresh Cooling Glow Highlighter Stick into the inner eye crease and on your cupid’s bow.

And there you have it, an everyday natural makeup look you can achieve in 10 minutes or less. Easy, breezy, beautiful!